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  • Das weltweit meist verbaute Bodengitter im Garten- und Landschaftsbau
    Das weltweit meist verbaute Bodengitter im Garten- und Landschaftsbau
  • NEU! ECOSEDUM PACK - das Beste, was Ihrem Dach passieren kann!
    NEU! ECOSEDUM PACK - das Beste, was Ihrem Dach passieren kann!

Campus Ecoraster

Ecoraster®. Which grade do you require?

Product overview.

Introducing the various types of Ecoraster® , and some of their recommended applications.
The application areas of ECORASTER® – Which ECORASTER® does your ground reinforcement require?
You will see the various applications of ECORASTER® in the following and will be able to select the right ECORASTER® by using the button.

Civil Engineering

High quality- durable and long-lasting permeable paving, 100% recycled plastics of a proprietary composition.
The following models of Ecoraster® are ideally suitable for use in civil engineering:
elastic E50
elastic E40
elastic S50


We Understand Businesses

The chief advantages and key benefits of Ecoraster® are:
High flexibility – will not shatter under vehicular traffic even at low temperatures
High horizontal connectivity (patented) – tested up to 5.7 kilonewtons / meter
Proven, consistent high quality – millions of square feet installed for over 20 years worldwide without failure or decomposition.
A few examples of Ecoraster® used in civil applications …


Ecoraster was engineered and developed in Germany and is  TÜV Certified. TÜV is still the guarantor of quality and reliability, “made in Germany”.
[note: many of these standards+norms have been adopted by the EU as the official standards throughout all Europe.]
TÜV certified  according to DIN 1072 our Ecoraster paving system is tested to extremely high load capacities.
In addition, all of our Ecoraster  products are certified to conform to DIN 38412 as absolutely environmentally neutral.
Non pollutants to organisms and groundwater. An invaluable advantage of the use of ECORASTER as ground stabilization for sensitive areas such as near watersheds, agricultural land or animal husbandry. Contact with feed or food products are completely harmless.
For these and other reasons, ECORASTER allows for excellent use in different areas of application


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